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Safety and Security - Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Please be advised that in addition to locking your vehicles and keeping some outside lights on, it is important to make sure your home is locked at all times.  
More Vehicles Entered - Saturday, December 23, 2017
Once again we have had numerous vehicles entered overnight 12-22-17 to 12-23-17. Almost all streets were affected. Many of these vehicles were unlocked. A few were locked. We all must remain vigilant and if any suspicious activity is noticed, call the police.

Be sure to lock your vehicles and do keep outside lights on. The police department has been contacted by Sam and the police met with him to review these events. The police will request patrols to come through our development.

The police said that it is very important to report all break ins irrespective if things were taken. This will enable the police to observe any pattern of break ins and will assist us to have more patrols through Woodland Hills. The greater the number of incidents reported, the more leverge we have to request police patrols.

In addition, our councilman has been made aware of our situation.  

Safety and Security - Tuesday, December 12, 2017
During the weekend of 12-8-17 to 12-10-17 a vehicle was stolen from one of our driveways and two other vehicles had their contents rummaged through. All three vehicles were apparently unlocked.

All vehilcles should be locked when outside at all times! Keep in mind that garage door openers are in many of our vehicles and locking the vehicle is a safety precaution.

It is most important that you leave your outside lights on at night. All of us need to keep vigil.  

Speeding/ Stop Signs / Parking - Sunday, October 22, 2017
Some residents have been traveling well above our posted speed limit. All residents need to obey our posted speed limit.

Some residents are not stopping at our STOP signs. Residents need to make a full stop at all STOP signs.

Parking rules are being enforced. It is expected that all residents obey our parking rules and use their garage and driveway per our rules.  

Safety and Security
Recently three vehicles were broken into and items were taken from inside the car. This has been happening in the general Danbury, New Milford area. Each incident was reported to the police. The police department was contacted and asked to do random drive throughs in our community.

The best deterrent from this type of activity is to be vigillent, lock your cars and put your outside unit lights on each evening. If you keep your garage door opener in your vehicle, consider removing it at night.  


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